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Albania vACC


Albania vACC is currently an unofficial vACC within the VATEUD division. The sincere and primary objective of Albania vACC is to provide quality and professional ATC service for pilots flying on the VATSIM network within Tirana Area Control Centre (ACC) and provide training for members wishing to take part in the virtual sky either as controllers or as pilots. The vACC website contains the essential information and procedures on flying inside the Tirana FIR/ACC Air Safety Zone. We also keep up-to-date charts and NOTAMs gathered from real world sources, as well as scenery and sector files for the airports.

Albania vACC Staff
ACCALB1Lee HarmanDirector
ACCALB3Belisar HoxholliEvents Coordinator
Inbound Flights
No inbound flights
ATC Online
No online ATC
Outbound Flights
No outbound flights