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Tue Jun 26 @20:30 -
Portugal vACC online day
Country and vACC Support

The Country and VACC Support team has been established to assist and help, where possible:

  • Newly formed vACCs on matters such as training, website contents and requirements, sector file specifications, setting up of departments etc
  • Newly formed vACCs who do not have the required staff or rating requirements to initially perform on their own
  • Existing but underperforming vACCs who are in need of restructuring, or who are missing temporary internal Training Department Management
  • Semi dormant vACCs or vACCs who have lost their official status, who are in need of fresh ideas and assistance, to regain their status.

The VACC support team will do their utmost to make the VACC in questions gain or regain, as the case may be, the required expertise, knowledge, content, as well as to create the will, motivation and local pride associated with having an Official VACC Status within VATEUD.

To request VACC Support please send an email to VATEUD2.

In your email, please state:

  1. Your full name
  2. CID
  3. VACC
  4. Reason for the Support Request (*)
  5. In the email's Subject, please put VACC SUPPORT REQUIRED

All requests for VACC support will be acknowledged within 14 days from receipt (*)

Internal personality conflicts between members or VACC Staff will not be accepted or responded to. Any such issue does not fall under the service provided, and needs to be referred to VATEUD4.



The VACC Support team is always interested in gaining experienced members to assist in this vital and important function, we would be delighted to welcome interested members onboard to the team.

To volunteer to the Support Team, please send an email to VATEUD2 stating:

  1. Your full name
  2. CID
  3. Current Controller Level (Rating)
  4. Your VACC
  5. Preferred area or vACC where you could offer your services and expertise
  6. The maximum level of training you feel confortable with

All VACC volunteer applications will be treated in utmost confidentiality.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 June 2010 10:44