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Upcoming Events

Tue Jun 26 @20:30 -
Portugal vACC online day




These pages cover Events, Fly-in related issues:

  • VATEUD Event Calendar lets you view, add or edit any local vACC or multi vACC event or fly-in, or Controller Practical Test (CPT) notificaton, within the VATEUD Division.
  • VATEUD Special Events Section presents information on any VATEUD organized event, including details of previous VATEUD events, plus posting of Pan European and/or OneSky events in the future.

Local vACC staff or Events co-ordinators/directors are welcome to contact the Kilian Thornton VATEUD Communications & Marketing Director who is incharge of VATEUD events by email (VATEUD6) for any questions, comments or ideas.



These pages also cover VATEUD's Virtual Airline Scheme.

  • VATEUD Partner Virtual Airline Scheme provides information on what the scheme is about, why to become a Partner VA and how to become a partner VA.
  • Listed Partner VAs presents a list of the VATEUD Partner Vitual Airlines in alphabetical order. Here you find a link to each vA's website.
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