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Upcoming Events

Tue Jun 26 @20:30 -
Portugal vACC online day
Resources General

Highlights from Pilot Resources menu:

  • Aviation charts
  • Pilot Ratings
  • Pilot Client software
  • Flight planning
  • Virtual Airlines (VA)
  • etc, etc

 Highlights from ATC Resources menu:

  • ATC Ratings
  • Controller client software
  • Squawk Code allocation for Europe
  • Frequency tables
  • Sector files
  • etc, etc

Controllers please note:

Following a vote by the VATSIM Executive Committee, the following ATIS policy is in effect within all VATSIM Regions:

All air traffic controllers are to have ATIS in their ASRC to a size never greater than four lines, with a suggested maximum of three lines.
The suggested format includes the controller's voice connection details (if using voice) in first line, then runways in use (if appropriate), followed only by some simple details of the airport / airspace they are controlling in the lines to follow.


Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 June 2010 17:23