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The overall mission of the VATEUD ATC Training Department is to: SET THE STANDARDS TEACH THE STANDARDS EVALUATE THE PERFORMANCE CERTIFY THE PERFORMANCE, and finally KEEP THE RECORDS The ATC Training Department is committed to the development of those wanting to learn to control on VATSIM within the European Division. In order to meet this commitment, we endeavour to provide all of the resources and support we can. Contained within this website, you will see the ATC Manual and Guide which will provide you with the theoretical grounding needed to start and move on. There is also a link to ATSimTest on the left, our theoretical testing system, as well as information on progression. Using the links at the top of this page, you can find the staff roster for your vACC. Your first port of call should be the Training Director if you have any doubts, as he is the most relevant person to handle any ATC Training-related matters. We aim to provide training efficiently, trying to avoid barriers and unnecessary delays. Should you have any queries or problems, please feel free to contact me.  

Kay Wesche ATC Training Director (VATEUD2)

VATSIM Europe Division

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 August 2013 16:00