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Aim of PTD

Aim of PTD

The VATEUD Pilot Training Department has been established in order to achieve the following Aims:

  1. Educate VATSIM Pilots to a real world Pilot standard
  2. Improve the professional skills and knowledge of VATSIM Pilots
  3. Improve leadership skills and competencies of VATSIM Pilot Instructors
  4. Develop modes of evaluation, set the standards and evaluate the standards.

To achieve those goals, the Training Department Pilots has a team of administartion, instructors and examiners.

Administration Department

Administration Department is responsible for the website content. Administration manager also processes ratings in the CERT system.

To evaluate theoretical tests, Pilot’s Training Department will be using the Eurotest software already in use for controller training. People working in this department are responsible for all the questions used for the P1 Examination and over look the standards of instruction. They look after existing questions and create new ones according to real life question pools.

Instruction Department

Instructors teach both flying skills and pedagogical stuff. They recruit competent pilots for their Department. The Department of Pilot Instructors is lead by a Chief and his Deputy.

We will be more than happy, seeing you on line, and to help you off line, by email when required. To book a session with one of our instructors, look at when they are available via our calendar (blue slots) and contact them to set up the session.

Examinations Department

Our examiners are the final step in our aim and are responsible for evaluating the standards set out by VATSIM and the VATEUD Administration Department. Examiners make candidates feel at ease while professionally conducting examinations for the award of VATSIM ratings.

To book an exam, see when one is available via the calendar (green slots) and contact the examiner to book the available slot.


Our vision and aim, is to make the training process both fun, interesting and rewarding.

There are many dedicated forums, for the benefit of all virtual pilots and virtual air traffic controllers, where you can discuss specific matters and learn from others experience and knowledge.

George Condes

Director (VATEUD1)
VATSIM Europe Division