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Tue Jun 26 @20:30 -
Portugal vACC online day

Staff Vacancy - General

Staff positions and vacancies are generally announced via our forum, our mailing-list or the News page.

When announced, and if you are interested, please ensure the following:

  • Carefully read the Job description for the relevant position (as found on our Staff page)
  • If interested, and if you think you qualify, submit your application as outlined below

Application (general)

Your application for an open position should be sent by e-mail to VATEUD1, with the following minimum information:

  • Clearly identify the staff position you apply for
  • Your VATSIM ID, your present ATC rating, and the vACC you belong to
  • Provide a short CV, including present or previous staff experience
  • Any special abilities or knowledge, which is relevant for the position
  • Any involvement in DCRM situations, also involving other members
  • Personal ideas for your job within VATEUD
  • Other issues, which you as a candidate think is relevant, or important



Pilot Instructors and Examiners

The Pilot Training Department is taking a new initiative with a division wide Pilot Training Department. Instructors are people who are recognised by the VATEUD Pilot Training Department as having demonstrated the ability and understanding of pedagogical skills within the context of the VATSIM Europe Divisional environment. Pilot Instructors are responsible to VATEUD3. Duties include:

  • Educating Pilots with adaptable aviation knowledge
  • Set standards as outlined by VATSIM Rating Criteria
  • Examine candidates online
  • Work in a team environment to enhance the VATSIM experience

Requirements to join are:

  1. Should have above average knowledge of the operations of the VATSIM network
  2. Should have a good command of English, written and spoken
  3. Should have above average knowledge in IFR and VFR procedures
  4. Be reliable and willing to help others on the network
  5. Must enjoy the above topics!

Interested candidates should e-mail VATEUD3 at vateud3 at vateud.net with the subject "Re: VATEUD PTD Openings".

Please include your VATSIM PID, Network Pilot and ATC Rating, which vACC you are a member of and any other relavent information you feel we should know about.


Last Updated on Sunday, 19 August 2012 17:57